Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Championship Approaching

The golf course has made tremendous improvement since our last post. Due to the cold spring our rough will not be as dense or tall as years past. Our rough heights around the fairways will be two inches and our rough around the greens will be two and three quarters inches. In past years we were two and a half inches and three and a quarter inches respectively. We mow all our fairway rough with John Deere 8800's and walk mow all our green side roughs with sixteen twenty one inch snapper mowers.

Consequences of the long dormant period required us to sod the walk up to seventeen green and the back left corner of the green. Sodding greens is a tremendous challenge. We are concerned how it will hold up to the traffic on and off that green and the low height of cut it will be subjected to.

We are starting to manage our water carefully. We have been pumping large amounts of water and fertigation to help the course fill in and recover. Rough irrigation is being reduced fifty percent. Center heads in the fairways and approaches will be turned off. Greens will only be spot watered by hand through the event. Our goal for the greens is to be a uniform 25% volumetric water content. We do not like to dry them out further for our research from the USGA True Firm tells us we get maximum firmness from rolling at that percentage. Our goal for championship week is firm and fast if the weather allows.

We are thankful for our volunteers again this year. We will we have twenty seven individuals from across the United States helping. I will be sure to take a group picture and post it on the next blog.