Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Heat Is On

We are fortunate to have the help of Tom Wait. Tom Wait, of Precision was able to locate two portable Precision Air units for us. These units can air condition and or heat your green. These units are on loan from Southern Hills and Eagle Point. We are grateful to these superintendents for their show of support. We are currently using the heater mode to raise soil temperatures. Soil temperatures rose ten degrees from the units. We have two greens that suffered through the winter months due to shade and golfer traffic. Hole thirteen has been hooked up to the heater for 14 days now and has made a tremendous improvement. Hole number seventeen has been hooked up for one day. We expect to see tremendous improvement in this green over the next two weeks. The club will close April 12 in preparations for THE PLAYERS. The elimination of golfer traffic will allow the course to heal from a busy winter season. All ball marks and divots will be tended to on our first close day to allow for maximum healing.