Tuesday, March 23, 2010

41 Days and Counting

We’ve got 41 days to not only prepare The PLAYERS Stadium course for one of the world’s largest golf tournaments, but also to beautify the landscape to the standards of perfection. This is usually a huge undertaking and this year is certainly no exception. This year will be the most challenging of all! With the record cold winter we had, thousands of plants must be planted in addition to all the normal landscape preparations for The PLAYERS Championship.
We didn’t have any plants die completely because of the cold temperatures; we just had many more plants than ever to prune back to the ground. They will all come back from the roots but not in time for The PLAYERS. Therefore, we must install new plants in amongst the existing beds for the landscape to look full and complete.

On March 18th we received our first delivery of plants. We would have received them a week earlier, but there was still a risk of damaging temperatures. We received our tropical plants in this delivery: hundreds of Variegated Gingers, Plumbagos, Flax Lilies, and over 1200 Hawaiian Ti Plants for a total of over 3000 plants.

We’re about 1/3 of the way complete with these plant replacements but we’ve got a long road ahead of us. Next week we’ll receive our first shipment of all the annuals. We’ll be installing over 30,000 4” annuals including Delphinium, Begonias, Marigolds, and Impatiens. Once all the plantings are complete, our main goals are to set up the temporary landscapes around the property - which total thousands more plants and trees – and pine straw all the landscape beds. 41 days until tournament week and every single day is crucial.