Thursday, February 25, 2010

Landscaping Improvements

Over the past month the landscape crew has been diligently working on a few big projects. We focused our time and energy in three areas: nursery expansion, frost damage pruning and all ornamental grasses on property were trimmed.

In the nursery, we cleared one quarter of an acre to help us better manage and grow our plant material. After the area was cleared, we installed irrigation and weed prevention barrier. We improved the irrigation of the older areas of the nursery. We have expanded the roads and drainage to improve access to the plants. We cleared out and transplanted 25 oaks to various locations on THE PLAYERS Stadium course. Holes 2, 3 and 9 were impacted.

We had to prune back over four thousand plants from the record cold this winter. Plants that were damaged include: Variegated Ginger, Ti Plant, Philodendron, Oleander, Plumbago, Duranta 'Gold Mound', Agave, Flax Lily, and Mexican Petunia. Last winter was a cold one, but half the plants listed above weren't affected by the temperatures. Because a lot of these tropical plants won't grow back in time by the first of May, we've got big plans to fill in new, lush plants into these beds. It's been a devastating winter but the landscape will look better than ever for this year's PLAYERS! Although not damaged by frost, we're making time to prune all the Saw Palmettos on the THE PLAYERS Stadium course to give them a much cleaner, ornamental look.

All ornamental grasses around the clubhouse, THE PLAYERS Stadium course, Championship Way and Valley Turn have been trimmed. The majority of the grasses on the property are evergreen. These include Paspalum and Cord Grass, which were trimmed into a mound form at about 1 foot off the ground. Because Miscanthus and White and Red Fountain Grasses are deciduous, we trimmed these all the way to the ground. This removes all the ugly brown leaves and will look much better when they flush out new growth soon. In addition, we trimmed all the Muhly Grasses to about 1 foot off the ground to remove all the seed heads that no longer have their beautiful pink color like they did in the Fall.