Tuesday, January 19, 2010


January has started out as a busy month for golf course maintenance. We have multiple projects occurring out on the two golf courses. On THE PLAYERS Stadium Golf Course we are installing a new cart path up the right side of the 9th golf hole. This cart path will accommodate traffic during THE PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP at a new venue between holes nine and eighteen called the turn. This cart path will allow us to construct the facility and service it without destroying the course. The cart path will also be an excellent addition for our members and guests for the winter months when we are using cart paths only. We have had help from our in-house landscape designer, Brad Nester. Brad has used mounding and landscaping to hide most of the path from the view of the golf hole.

We have also started renovating lake banks on the Stadium that are sloughing off. Areas that will be addressed are on hole numbers 1, 5, 9, 11 and 12. We will install a new gate at hole number one of the Stadium after the lake bank has been restored.

Drainage at number two tee box of the Stadium has been installed. Water used to accumulate on the cart path, making it difficult to pass after storms. This has been corrected. We also drained a good portion of the woods in this area.

We are currently in the process of building a new wash facility for our equipment. Our rinsate will now proceed through an oil and water separator before flowing into the sewer system. The club's previous wash system rinsate went through an oil and water separator before discharging into our surface water canal system.

We are currently in the process of giving our maintenance facility a minor face lift. We have painted the entire inside of the maintenance facility. We will be installing a racking system that will allow us to stack pallets and help us with organization. We will be painting our shop floors in the near future. A secondary lift has been ordered to help us check our mowers daily. We will order new fuel storage containment structures in the near future. We have removed old plant material around the maintenance facility. These former plant material areas have been paved over to help us with more space around the facility. This should be really helpful at THE PLAYERS time when NBC moves into our compound. The maintenance facility also acts as a gate during THE PLAYERS for the volunteers. This should be an improvement for everyone who works around golf maintenance during this very busy time of the year.

We are in the process of adding irrigation to number three approach of the Stadium course. This approach was constructed out of straight sand to allow the approach to play firm and fast. This area historically dried out too much causing extensive hand watering.

A two month drainage project started January 20th on Dye's Valley golf course. This drainage project is focusing on landing zones and approach areas around the greens. We are trying to firm up these areas. This work will benefit the golf course throughout the year. This work is being done by MacCurrach Golf Construction. Some drainage work is being done in-house by the Valley maintenance staff. The Valley maintenance staff will be focusing on raising low catch basins and adding drainage in the rough.