Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gone "Fishin"

The extreme cold that attacked the state of Florida two weeks ago has had an impact on the waters of TPC SAWGRASS. Numerous fish throughout the waterways can be seen floating. These fish are Blue Talapia (Tilapia aurea) originally from the Middle East and Africa's Nile River. Blue Talapia are an invasive tropical fish. These fish cannot survive when water temperatures drop below 50 degrees fahrenheit. We are daily netting the dead Blue Talapia and burying them in mass graves. We expect this process to occur for the next month. More than five thousand fish have been buried. They were introduced to Florida waterways to control weeds. Unfortunately, the have been competitive with the native fish species for spawning beds, food, and vegetation. The occurrence of Blue Talapia drastically altered our natural fish community. Our bass population has suffered because of the Blue Talapia.