Monday, March 2, 2015

Dye's Valley; Drainage Additions

Even though the grass growing has slowed down that has not stopped our team from continuing to improve the golf course.  Each week we have been taking on a new drainage projects in some of the wettest areas on the course.

 Drainage install on #1 White Tee
 Drainage install on #12 White Tee
 Drainage install on #16 Fairway Rough 
Drainage install on #16 Fairway Rough

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Preparing for THE PLAYERS: Rejuvenation Pruning

As THE 2015 PLAYERS approaches, the landscape team is rejuvenation pruning, or hard pruning, certain plants to get them to flush out in time for THE PLAYERS. Among these plants are Crape Myrtles, Crown Grass, and Knock Out Roses.

We use a pruning technique called pollarding when we prune Crape Myrtles. This is done by pruning each branch back to the same spot every year. This creates large growths at the end of the branches called knuckles that store energy for new branches to grow.

We trim our Crown Grass into consistent dome shapes with space between them. This gives them the room to reflush with new growth and keeps them from overcrowding the beds. We use the leftover trimmings for mulch as a cultural weed control practice.

We aggressively trim our roses to keep them at the height we desire. The leaves of the roses are mostly removed after pruning to promote new, healthy growth. This is the most difficult plant to get to flush out and flower on time for THE PLAYERS because it is very weather dependent.

Crape Myrtles

Crown Grass

Knock Out Roses

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

THE PLAYERS Stadium: Progression of Tents and Seating

THE 2015 PLAYERS is upon us. Shaffer Sports (the spectator venue contractor), has kicked it into high gear this month with tents and stands being built all over the course.

They have constructed a tent overlooking 16 green, Tree Island and the Island Green 17. All of the carpeting has been installed for the tents, and Shaffer is now beginning to add stairs to the tents, as well as, putting up the steel structures for the classic white roofs.  The large spectator structures for tournament partners and "THE TURN" are taking shape between 9 and 18 overlooking the greens on both holes.

Additionally, the construction of bleacher seating around selected tees and greens began this month. There is a new seating section that has been added behind 16 tee this year.  Bleachers at 8 and 13 green are almost complete.  The bleachers at 1 tee and 17 green just began construction.  Shaffer Sports has been working diligently throughout the cold and wet days of February. It’s only a matter of time before everything is up and ready for THE 2015 PLAYERS.

When the tournament venue construction begins, it is a source of renewed energy for our staff.  Seeing some of these structures go vertical definitely gets the adrenaline pumping!

Spectator Tent to the Left of #17
Spectator Tents behind #17 Green
A view from the Clubhouse of the tents on #18

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dye's Valley: 2015 Intern

Garrett Tetley is from Tinton Falls, New Jersey, fifteen minutes from the Jersey shore in Monmouth County.  He grew up playing golf since the age of nine and played four years for the Monmouth Regional golf team.  Garrett first started working on a golf course during his sophomore year in high school as a recreation aid on the Fort Monmouth, Suneagles Golf Course.  Four years later he accepted a position on the Suneagles maintenance staff and quickly progressed from performing routine maintenance tasks to assistant crew leader.  During this time, Garrett obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Leisure Services Management from East Stroudsburg University.  After 4 years in the turf industry he chose to enroll in the Rutgers Turf Management program to further his turf career.  He is scheduled to graduate alongside PLAYERS Stadium interns, Steven Brazer and Levi Singleton, in December 2015.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

THE PLAYERS Stadium: Irrigation Mainline Additions

Over the last few months on THE PLAYERS Stadium, MacCurrach Golf Construction began working to install new mainline pipe in preparation for a new pump house. Phase I was completed a few weeks ago and phase II is currently in progress. Phase I was conducted to improve water flow to certain areas around the course and phase II will increase the overall flow rate from the new pump house. Construction of the pump house will significantly decrease the run time window at night and increase our flow rate from 1500 gallons per minute to 4500. We are using a 16 and 20 inch high-density polyethylene pipe system that will tie into the pump house. HDPE is being used for its ability to withstand corrosion and high levels of water pressure. The sticks of pipe are fused together using a heat plate, which fuses the pipe together making the joints stronger than the pipe itself. The new pump house will allow us to utilize the irrigation system more effectively and efficiently.  


Machine used to weld HDPE pipe

The seam between the welded pipe

Phase II began near the driving range

16 inch pipe toward the new pump house

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dye's Valley - Sea Best Invitational Final round

After the final round of the 2015 Sea Best Invitational North Carolina were crowned champions.  The course was an extremely tough test for the golfers with strong winds adding to the challenge.  Here is the full score board for teams.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dye's Valley - Sea Best Invitational Round 1 and 2

This week Dye's Valley has been the venue for the 2015 Sea Best Invitational.  The Sea Best Invitational is a Men's Collegiate event hosted by Jacksonville University.  The golf course was in great shape for the first and second round played yesterday (02/02/15) with tough windy conditions.  The course played extremely tough and all teams were put to the test.  The final round will be played today after a slight frost delay.