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Golf Rangefinder Vs Golf Rangefinder Watch

Golf Rangefinder Vs GPS Watch

Golf is one of the enjoyable matches all over the world. Some enjoy watching while others are players and great fanatics. Besides, this golf is a career and an occupation for some people. Golf is among the fairest games to play since it doesn’t have a referee to scrutinize on who is cheating or not. All that the players are required to invest their skills and focus on scoring.

Besides having a great strategy, a committed player is also required to invest in the right tools since they are mandatory for a great game. Many people have a significant problem in choosing the proper device for measuring distance. There are two primary tools used in measuring distance, and it’s quite a challenge to know the appropriate tool.

These tools are rangefinder and golf rangefinder watch. The main question is which the best between the two?

Golf Rangefinder Watch: This tool is designed for use with the various application such as a smartphone. It used to accurately measure the distance that the player hits the golf ball at a particular spot.

Golf Rangefinder : This is a device that is used to help players in determining and accurately measuring the distance to a particular spot in the course of the golf.

Golf Rangefinder versus Golf Rangefinder Watch First, it’s important to note that the use of the two products isn’t mutually exclusive. They differ in features and attributes. This implies that you can comfortably use both since the rangefinder can be used to dial in the precise measurement to the pin. On the other hand, the watch can be used to provide absolute measurements to the back, center, and front of the green. The watch is legal for USGA while the slope rangefinders are prohibited.

It’s important to acknowledge that the golf rangefinder watch is simpler and easier to use. It is likely enough for high handicap players. It has an added advantage in that it’s not only more convenient but losing is almost impossible. Excellent golfers may need the extra benefits of the rangefinder since they do not just dial in the pin but trees, fairway bunkers, water hazards, layup areas and much more.

Despite that some watches are programmable with doglegs and layup areas, the rangefinders are faster and easier to use for this purpose.

The other advantage of the golf rangefinder watch over golf rangefinder is the unique front and back of the green measurements. This feature stands to be a significant advantage when it comes to pinning distance. For instance, in case the green is on an uphill, and you can see the spot, then it might be at the front or the back of the green on which information should be entered into your club selection.

The bottom line is that both devices are useful. It is essential for a golf player to choose what he/she feels suitable and convenient. However, you need all the necessary tools on course as a professional and a great lover of this game. Go for both golf watch and golf rangefinder.

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Overview of a golf laser rangefinder

Laser Golf Range finder Workings

Rangefinders have proved to be essential accessories during hunting, archery, military undertakings, and expeditions among other activities. The conventional golf rangefinders available in the market are the laser, optic and GPS rangefinders. To get a full list of best golf rangefinder you can always go through the Internet to review it.

The laser rangefinder incorporates the use of laser technology to calculate distances accompanied with precision and shorter times of measurement. It has an eyepiece that includes a viewfinder that can be adjusted to sharpen the view. Also, the laser rangefinder comes with a shock-resistance carrying case, lithium battery, and a wrist strap. It can measure distances ranging from 500 to 1000 yards.

How does laser technology in golf rangefinder work?

Laser rangefinder uses light beams to measure the distance between the golfer and his or her target. Due to the enormously high speed of light, laser rangefinders calculate distances in a concise time. However, the speed of light is subject to the prevailing weather conditions, but this should not be a hindrance since golf is mostly played on bright days.

Probably, you have been wondering how laser rangefinder works. It’s not rocket science as it would seem to many people. The gadget directs a pulse of light to the target and uses a digital clock to calculate the time it takes for the beam to hit the object and bounce back. The equipment is programmed to use the speed and travel time of the laser beam to calculate and display distances.

How to use the laser rangefinder

As an excellent golfer, you should follow specific guidelines when using the golf rangefinder in order to get accurate measurements. Below are steps you should follow;

  1. Locate the target.
  2. Aim the rangefinder at your target.
  3. When the target comes into view in the display, pull the trigger to release a laser pulse towards the target.
  4. Read the measurement displayed on the screen.
  5. When you fail to get a positive reading, steady the equipment and repeat the analysis until you get accurate results.

Besides, the rangefinder has several features of which you can choose to use depending on your specific shot. One of the key features is the tilt angle which comes into play when playing on a hilly golf course. The tilt angle helps a golfer to measure the angles of objects and uses angle compensation technology to give the accurate distance of objects on a sloppy course.

Cost The incorporation of laser technology in golf rangefinders comes with its own cost. Modern laser rangefinders come with advanced features such as Pin-Seeking, angle range compensation, multi-distance measurement, and much more. Evidently, these features make the laser rangefinders to be more expensive.

The retail price of the golf rangers varies from about $300 to $600. It’s indisputable that rangefinders with a slope or angle compensation cost more than those that lack the feature.


The use of golf laser rangefinder comes with the following benefits:

  1. It gives an accurate measurement of distance with an error of +/- one yard
  2. It’s light and compact and hence not a burden when a golfer is carrying or using it.
  3. It has a long-lasting battery that can last a whole golf session. Therefore, you don’t have to recharge it or carry a replacement battery.


A golf laser rangefinder uses light beams to measure distances of targets from a golfer.

They have various features such as angle compensation and Pin-Seeking to improve the accuracy of the measurements. The golf rangefinder is lightweight, have little or no errors, and come with a long-lasting lithium battery that can last for a whole golf session. It is easy to use the rangefinder using the steps outlined in the article. The features and capability of the equipment make it a must-have tool that can highly elevate a golfer’s game.

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Golf Equipment Guide By TPC


To play any sport well, it is always important to have all of the essential equipment. Golf is not an exception to this rule. Although golf is often seen as much of a sport, sometimes it’s not even recognized as a sport of all, but it does not mean that you cannot get basic golfing essentials from a regular sports store.

Like with any sport, to purchase the right golf equipment is extremely important. There are a variety of stores that will offer the basics for your beginning stage. Since golfers of all skill levels bought many of these essential things when beginning to learn how to golf it’s important to get something that will last. Like with any other purchase, some things are best bought in the store while others are just as easily and often more affordably found online.

A quick Google search will point you in the right direction for what most consider to be essential golf equipment.

Of course, it is necessary to have gloves to protect your hands as well as an umbrella from sun protection. Weather in many places where golfing is famous is not known for being remarkably consistent throughout the day.

In addition to making sure to stay dry all day, it is essential to keep hydrated, so a water bottle is helpful as you are much more likely to drink from your own water bottle continuously than you are to borrow from other players. It is also a good thing to have a cloth to make sure that clubs stay clean and dry throughout the day.

While all of these things mentioned up until now may seem to be quite obvious, there were a few things on the list of essentials for golfers that may surprise you.

One of them was bug spray. It makes sense that there would be bugs; after all, there are plenty of water hazards and tall grass for these small creatures to live. However, with the amount of class that seems to go along with golf it still is slightly surprising that you would have to worry about mosquitoes. Here is a blog you can refer to:

In addition to this, it is suggested to bring extra t-shirts and extra socks just in case the weather goes against your favour. Although in some places this may not be a big deal as the weather is very unpredictable in many places, and a surprise downpour isn’t very uncommon during tournaments. Last, but certainly not least, it is always critical to have a first aid kit.

Although golf may not be a contact sport, there are still places to trip and twist ankles. In addition to this, rogue golf balls have been known to hit people, and it never hurts to be able to a fellow athlete or potentially a bystander with the aftermath of a rogue slice.

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TPC Fresh Grass

In this official TPC website, you will be able to connect with us at a very granular level. We are working hard to provide our members with every facility and services needed. In addition to that, we will be providing valuable information from which golfers can get insights about many things. It will help them to make intelligent decisions in the future. We are doing it this way because we value our player’s passion and drive towards this sport and trying to make their journey as smooth as possible. We hope that you all will like our efforts to make the golf game more enjoyable and encouraging.