Wednesday, December 10, 2014

THE PLAYERS Stadium: New Path by #4 Green

This week on The PLAYERS Stadium course, a new cart path was completed behind number 4 green. This new path and parking area will give members and guests multiple options when entering the green, while preventing wear and tear from foot traffic. This issue has been a main focus throughout the golf course for the agronomy team heading into the colder winter months. This addition, as well as other methods being implemented around the course will limit stress to the turf in areas that normally receive large amounts of foot traffic.
Beginning stages of cart path construction

Another look prior to pouring the concrete

The finished product



Thursday, December 4, 2014

Back to the

As all successful operations are well aware, consistent training is the foundation for providing a world class golf experience.   Our biggest challenge here at the TPC Sawgrass is the coordination of these training sessions with the 60+ team members in three separate departments.  We split up our latest training opportunity into two separate sessions to accommodate all teams involved.  These training sessions assist in getting our new hire members up to speed while also allowing our more seasoned veterans to take part in the information that is given.  We typically will provide 3-4 training sessions a month until March where we back off the training somewhat to allow for the preparations for the upcoming PLAYERS. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

THE PLAYERS Stadium: Drainage Additions

This month on THE PLAYERS Stadium Course, the agronomy team began repairs on drainage lines throughout the course. The main focus this week was an existing drain line on number 6 that was no longer functioning properly. The pipe became clogged over the years with silt and debris. To fix this problem, the team removed all of the existing pipe and drainage basins, and replaced it with all new 6", double wall, non-corrugated pipe, as well as new basins. Another project began early this week on number one, and will be completed by the end of the week. These additions and repairs will continue throughout the next few months to ensure the best possible playing conditions for the 2015 PLAYERS.

The agronomy team is attaching drainage tile to a basin along the cart path.

A look at the 240 foot trench before drainage tile installation. 

A new basin was installed with a concrete form around it for support.

Friday, November 14, 2014

2014 Fall Staff Appreciation Event

As always during the fall months we take the opportunity for some fun and relaxation for our entire team in the Agronomy Department at the TPC Sawgrass. After a successful year hosting the 2014 PLAYERS in May and Tour Championship in September, the team enjoys many of the festivities including a soccer match between the Stadium Team and the Valley/Landscape Team, basketball and football games.  Our Head Mechanic, Mark Sanford, was the chef extraordinaire and provided an incredible spread of hamburgers, hotdogs and numerous sides and desserts.  The Leadership Team would like to thank all team members for their hard work, dedication and passion and look forward to an exciting 2015!



THE PLAYERS Stadium: 17 Walk Bridge

On THE PLAYERS Stadium, a walk bridge has been added to the bulkhead on 17 green to help distribute traffic along the back of the green. Moving the entry and exit points to the walk bridge on a daily basis will allow us to provide multiple walkways for our guests.  The back walk-on to this green is a challenge every year. The agronomy team hopes that this new addition will prove to be successful in the lead up to the 2015 PLAYERS. This temporary addition will be removed prior to the tournament in May.

Beginning stage of walk bridge construction

Finished product

Friday, October 31, 2014

THE PLAYERS Stadium: Traffic Management

As the cooler weather approaches, bermudagrass growth rate and wear tolerance will come to a stop. Rounds of golf will stay at a high, steady rate each day through the winter and it’s our job to help guide each golfer through the golf course and protect the turf. On THE PLAYERS Stadium, we began permanently installing new posts and chains around some high traffic green surrounds in place of the ropes and stakes. This new installation has proven successful at dispersing traffic while also looking very professional.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

THE PLAYERS Stadium: Overseeding

Last week on THE PLAYERS Stadium, the agronomy team began the process of over seeding the driving range tee, 3 tees in the professional short game area, and the par 3 tees on the golf course. These tees tend to receive much more traffic than our par 4 and 5 tees. Over seeding helps protect the dormant bermudagrass from wear and traffic. Before seeding with perennial rye grass, the tees were scalped down and blown clean. The lower height assures proper seed-to-soil contact. Once the west half of the driving range tee is fully covered, the eastern half will be over seeded, allowing guests to practice off fresh turf grass. 

Tees were scalped down to a height of .275".

After scalping, clippings were blown off the tee.

Rotary spreaders were used to spread the Perennial Ryegrass seed.

Drop spreaders were used on edges to keep from contaminating the rough.