Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 Junior PLAYERS

TPC Sawgrass is currently hosting the 8th Annual Junior PLAYERS.  The Junior PLAYERS an AJGA invitational event.  The participants are some of the best international junior golfers.  Past participants have included Jordan Spieth, Morgan Hoffman and Bobby Wyatt.

It has been truly awesome to see some of these junior golfers develop and play in THE PLAYERS.

Here is a video clip from last year's event.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stadium Irrigation Repairs

As luck would have it, irrigation problems always occur in the middle of the summer when golf courses are in the middle of a heat wave.

The Stadium experienced a 8" main line failure last week.  To make the situation even more challenging, it was identified that the two valves needed to isolate the main line were failing too.  Unfortunately, one of the valves was the main line valve at the pump station which meant the pump station had to be shut down.

Because it was extremely hot and dry, we needed to complete all of the repairs simultaneously and quickly.  We enlisted the help of MacCurrach Golf to complete the repairs.

Original 8" Main Line Located 

Preparing for Installation
Valve Installed

New Stadium Irrigation Intake Screen

A couple of weeks ago, the Stadium began experiencing issues with water supply to the pump station wet well.  Essentially, the flow of water coming into the pump station did not equal the flow going out.  This caused the pump station to low wet well fault.  We assumed that the intake screen was clogged; thus, we called in a local diver to inspect the screen.  Upon inspection, we found that the original barrel screen mesh was very small and the pipe decreased in diameter at the connection of the barrel screen to the intake pipe.  The intake pipe is a 24" pipe and the diameter of the attachment point was only 10".  This meant that the intake pipe was never functioning properly to match the flow demand of the pump station.  Having the restriction point also meant the there was decreased flow and increased velocity.

Why did it work for the last 16 years?

The irrigation supply lake for the Stadium is very small and not very deep.  Because of the size limitations, the water always has a considerable amount of turbulence as the lake draws down and then fills back up (especially in the summer).  Increased turbulence means that there are always addition screen clogging particles floating in the lake. Over time, the lake became more shallow, and the intake screen became closer to the bottom of the lake.  What was once 2' of clearance between the screen and the bottom of the lake, was now only 6"! Combine the lack of clearance, increased water velocity due to the 10" attachment point and the aforementioned problem with turbulence in the water, the system was most likely stirring up the bottom and causing sediment to clog the intake screen.

We called in Logan Diving and Salvage to dredge the bottom around the intake pipe and to remove and replace the screen.  They specialize in underwater construction.  This was just a day at the office for these guys.

Old Screen Coming Out of Irrigation Pond

Old Screen

Inside Old Screen (showing attachment point restriction)

New Screen with Pipe Extension Prior to Installation

Friday, July 25, 2014

Landscape Operations Team Raising The Bar!

It is the goal of the Landscape Operations Management Team to continually strive to provide educational opportunities for our team members in order to improve horticultural knowledge, enrich the work environment and increase the value of each team member to the overall operation. One such opportunity is the TPC Sawgrass Plant Identification Certification Level I. We offer a classroom type setting to learn about site-specific plant species and their maintenance requirements. Recently after three review sessions Meghan McLain, Assistant Landscape Superintendent, proctored a plant identification exam by touring the resort grounds with the entire team. Fifteen pre-specified plant species were marked for identification and each team member was asked to identify each one. The list for the Level I exam includes various varieties of palms, trees, ornamental shrubs, grasses and perennials. From the management perspective it allows for a more seamless transition between assignments and also insures all plant species are receiving proper care. From the team members’ perspective they are constantly increasing their knowledge, consistently applying this knowledge and they can me more actively involved in the daily tasks. In the coming months additional educational opportunities will include: Level II Plant Identification, FNGLA Certifications, and the Limited Fertilizer Application license, which is required by the state of Florida.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014 John Deere TPC Sawgrass Volunteer Program Video

Thanks to all of our volunteer staff for their help and dedication during the 2014 PLAYERS. We hope to host another wonderful group in 2015!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 PLAYERS Agronomy Team

Thanks to the TPC Sawgrass staff and, especially, the 80 international volunteer staff for making the 2014 PLAYERS another great event.